A Conversation w/ YNS PJ

A Conversation w/ YNS PJ

In this weeks segment we exchange a conversation with Chicago artist yns pg
What is your name, age, and what do you do?
 My name is Perry Brown aka YNS PJ. I'm a musical artist on the come up in Chicago. 
How long have you been in music?
I've currently been rapping and singing since i was 8 years old in the basement with my big brother.
How difficult is it to make music? How do you get in the headspace to perform?
I wouldn't say its difficult to make music 
I would say its more of a process. When I'm on stage i find my headspace by performing every show like its my last 
And stay consistent of course.
How has COVID affected you since march? How has it affected your industry?
I haven't been able to perform since March  and how it has affected the industry  artist can’t tour and do shows right now so we can’t make any money so that’s hurting the industry.
What do you think of the City of Orlando?
 I think Orlando is a great city but i have never been to Orlando. I’m not from Orlando but I can tell you about Chicago.
What's something about Chicago that ordinary people won’t know 

Me as a kid growing up in Chicago it was hard because of what i came from. I grew up in a shelter barely had clothes.

It was Me, my Mama, Big Brother and my Big Sister. We managed and made it out the struggle (shelter). Chicago isn't the best city but its a lot of love everywhere. Besides violence, Chicago has been strong for a long time but a lot has changed in my generation. 

A Lot of killing, Police Brutality, Gang Violence, and No Structure. These are all examples of how my generation has been affected a lot. 

What are your hopes and dreams for the future? 
My hopes and dreams for the future  is to be a traveler I want to explore the world with my family and do things i never got to do growing up.
I want to gift something to this world and show that I'm ready for anything thrown at me. Shout out to my management Kamdre Ent.
How do you feel about this years election?
Even though I', not old enough to vote i think this years election was nerve racking and very important in terms of the future of our country.
What do you think of Artificial intelligence (A.I.)
I can’t respond to that question because I m not following anything on AI right now.
Instagram: @yns_pj3
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