A Conversation with Bluu J King

A Conversation with Bluu J King

If you google the word Chicago right now you'll find the first page almost full of articles on gun violence, specifically on the south side. With a revolution among us, highlighting only shooting seems a bit counterproductive. Especially when Chicago has so much more to offer. Bluu J King is an example of that offering. The 24-year-old actor/model is from St. Louis but currently resides in Chicago. While in St. Louis he went to school wanting to study architecture.
We exchanged e-mails for an interview. (disclaimer: we sent him a shirt)

What is your name, age, and where are you from?

My name is Bluu J King and I am 24 years old. I am born and raised in East Saint Louis Illinois. I moved to Chicago.


How did you make your debut in acting and modeling?

My uncle Andre Jackson who is also my manager, has a lot of connections in this industry, So he was able to get me in my first stage play and work on some hit tv shows as well. He got me an Photographer, Marcus Roberson, who also works for the newspaper. My swag, my persona, my humbleness is different from everyone else. People started to notice me. He captures the object in a light that no one else can see.

What's the scene like in Chicago? For film and fashion

Chicago is a big city full of diversity. I like it here. Everything here is different. Different is good. It means your special in your own way. The film scene is amazing. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. It gives me a rush being on set and doing what I love to do. The fashion scene is incredible. Everything is diverse. The different styles and models or out of this world. It’s fun to play dress up as the people would say.

Where did the name Bluu J come from?

The name Bluu J came from working at the Christain Activity Center in East Saint Louis. I use to help children with their homework and this kid changed my nickname J bird to Bluu J, by the way, my mother used to call me J bird. So I kept the name because it's different and original. It’s just a cool name to have.

What kind of music do you like listening to? What artists or bands are you into right now?

I listen to all music. I tell everyone it’s not so much of the music, it be so much of the vibes. If I can get a good vibe off of it, then I will gravitate to it and listen to more of the artists' songs. I’m also a dancer so if I can make a step to it, then it’s a go.
As of right now I listen to Da Baby, Drake, Lil Uzi Vert and I also listen to some throwbacks as well. My favorite band would be Maroon 5.

What are you hoping to get out of 2020, career-wise?

I wouldn’t say hoping, I would say more like going to succeed. I have a lot going on for 2020. I’m working on getting an agent, making more independent films, doing fashions and a lot of other projects. So be ready because no one will ever forget the name Bluu J King.

How does acting and modeling work together? Or are they completely different?

- Acting and modeling to me works together hand and hand. When you are doing either-or, the spotlight is all on you. The audience is paying attention to you. Your looks, your action, every move you make all eyes are on you. Tupac said it best “All Eyes On Me”. That’s how I feel when I make my first step in a room full of people.

Twitter: @Bluujk


  • Andre Jackson

    Thank you Connie. Again I would have to thank bluuj king for a great shoot. I also have to thank marcus Robinson photos for being a great photographer,and I have to thank my good friend Harrison the editor of SR50 for interviewing bluuj for the magazine.

  • Consuela Moore

    Thank you to the man above 1st and foremost also thank you SR50 magazine I am so proud of you son continue to keep up the good work also thank you Andre Jackson.

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