SOMNUS is a drone soundtrack by Artificial Prisons. It's a consistent sound that is heavy yet waning. It feels like being out in the middle of a rural field and a storm is approaching. You see the dark clouds coming forth, the torrent of rain it will bring with it. The sky itself gets dark and grey, casting dark shadows. That stark contrast, you hear the thunder before the rain pours. SOMNUS 01 feels like a song trapped in itself and can't get out, It's consistent and powerful, it doesn't let up.

SOMNUS 02 feels like a black and white film - a drone soundtrack devoid of saturation. Heavy grain residing in the shadows of the image. An alarm clock fades in and out, you have to get up even though you want to sleep longer. It's that feeling. Something that's on your mind, it keeps coming back to you when you're trying to forget it. An unpleasant reminder. But getting through it brings growth, a challenge to overcome, something to learn from. It's calming at the end, it feels hopeful.

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