***GELATO*** A New Video by Jake Fuscardo

***GELATO*** A New Video by Jake Fuscardo

The skateparks are re-opening, people are back to hitting the streets (although the weather may have other plans), and Jake Fuscardo is dropping Gelato, his newest skate video. Filming a video in Orlando is easier said than done - especially nowadays with rampant construction, post-pandemic the new normal, and a world rally for justice.
With a recent 420 edit and 3 full lengths of experience (although it's arguable that SCHWAP 2 could've been split into 2 full-lengths), Gelato released online yesterday. We spoke with Jake about a few topics about the process being the video and what it takes to film a full length (in Orlando nonetheless).

The 21-year-old from Fort Myers is poised and ready for the premiere. DVDs with handmade sleeves, which used to be a standard in independent skate video distro before moving to online-exclusive. He doesn't film at skateparks. The skatepark in Ft. Myers shut down years ago so the scene had to adapt. But upon coming up to Orlando he found an abundance of skate spots in the city. Coming from a small town the cutty spots are where it's at. He did his research, using Google Earth and putting in fieldwork to search for spots around town.
Orlando has a lot of skaters in different parts of town, from Kissimmee to DOL to Jake's very own SCHWAP Co; different spots in different areas, an ecosystem of skaters all uniting for a single cause.

"It's a different life living in Ft. Myers. It's the same old shit every day, the same DIY spot every day, and maybe hit a spot. We've skated every single of them to the max. But there are some new spots coming up now."

15-20 skaters with full parts. But Gelato is more about the session, what happens before and after the trick, which can be equally as important as actually getting the trick. The spontaneity helps a lot. Planning out a spot, seeing something along the way, pulling over and checking out the spot, going from there. It's trial and error with no set plan. Even working with the weather, being able to skate a spot until it rains and then driving to another part of town with no rain.
Gelato is a long-lens heavy video, and the spots were mainly filmed in the daytime. When I asked about filming during the quarantine he filmed a lot in his hometown.

"Honestly for the majority of the quarantine I was in Ft. Myers, and like, yeah dude I was skating spots that I've like never been able to skate because of COVID everything was just closed. It was like a ghost town, seriously yeah skater's fucking paradise. And it's not like we were even like detrimental to anyone's health cuz we kept to ourselves. It's not like we're interacting with any people, we were by ourselves."

Going in the group chat, "who's skating" he attributes success in filming coordination with being with the right people that have the same mindset. "Everyone from our squad is not from here at all. We didn't know any spots it was just us figuring it out all at once. Everyone was so new to it, it was a new experience for everyone."

He only filmed on the weekends because he works 5 days a week (pre-COVID). Ft. Myers t only has a DIY spot. Florida makes you skate other things because the rails and stairs are all accounted for.

"You have to think outside the box and be able to skate other spots because there's not just rail spots."

Gelato is a 37-minute full length. The usual hitters, the video is a refined chapter to the SCHWAP series. Unlike some full-lengths where the video is filmed and then edited at the very end, sometimes only in a couple of weeks (or days), Gelato was edited along the way from the very beginning, with up to 50 revised versions of the video. The long lens clips focus more on the skater than the trick, especially how they approach landing a trick. Lots of cutty spots. The secret is going to look at spots and being open-minded. There are no titles, no full "parts" per-say - The video flows in itself from one part to another, some by spot or region.

Gelato It's his best video yet, and who knows what the future will bring. Especially with the rest of the nation re-opening back up and it's only the beginning of June.


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Jake holding it down for fort myers! Such a sick video

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