Cman's Variety Show 24/7 Live Stream

Cman's Variety Show 24/7 Live Stream

In the time of the lockdown of the COVID-19 crisis, the world has made a dramatic shift. Schools are closed, gatherings, etc. But not the Internet. Cman’s 24/7 #Stream4TheCure: Corona Virus Quarantine Stream on is a live vlogging channel that is streaming continuously until a cure is announced for the virus. “Streaming 24/7 Until Cure is Found” is watermarked on the top of the screen with links to donate to the Coronavirus Relief Fund, No Kid Hungry, and Feeding America



The variety show is partially led by Colt West, a local comedian and show host. It features a variety of characters that come and go during the day and night. In a time of staying at home, one could see some irony there.

Colt West


(Disclaimer: we actually stopped by the Variety show to see it first hand on Tuesday morning at 7am, we left at 8am.)

There are live classes, improv shows, music performances, and anything else you can think of. The audio is good sometimes. It’s an appropriate environment for learning, discovery, and development. Imagine repeatedly acting in front of a live camera for days at a time. Upon writing this we’re around the 143 hour mark. The streaming world record is 161 hours, they’ll probably break that.

*Edit: We've been notified that the stream did end briefly at the 23-hour mark and they intend on adding 23 hours to the 161 hours break the record

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